Celebrating the efforts of the Jordanian medical staff in activating the functions of the cancer treatment device

From the visit of his Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl Gustaf the 16th, and her Majesty the Queen of Sweden, Silvia Renate Sommerlath, to Jordan at the King Hussein Cancer Center to celebrate the efforts of the Jordanian medical staff in activating the functions of the cancer treatment device donated by the Swedish company Elekta in 2018 under the supervision of its agent in Jordan, Experia company.

A group of eminent personalities participated in the event, the most important of which was Her Highness Princess Ghida Talal and her husband, His Highness Prince Talal bin Muhammad, His Excellency the Jordanian Minister of Health, Dr. Firas al-Hawari, the Director of the King Hussein Cancer Center, Dr. Asem Mansour, the Swedish Ambassador to Jordan Alexandra Rydmark, the Director of the Royal Medical Services, Brigadier-General doctor Yousef Zurieqat, the board member and founding family of Elekta , Mrs.Caroline Leksell, and a group of directors of hospitals and the medical sector.

The event was inaugurated with a speech delivered by HRH Princess Ghida Talal on cancer in Jordan and the region and her appreciation for the Swedish support for Jordan, after which Mrs. Caroline delivered her speech on the relentless efforts between the Swedish company Elekta and Jordan in confronting cancer and renewing hope in the hearts of patients and their families.

His Excellency Dr. Firas Hawari also emphasized the sustainable cooperative relationship between the countries of Jordan and Sweden and expressed his great appreciation for the donation of the device in 2018 from Elekta under the supervision of Experia for medical supplies to Al-Bashir Hospital in Jordan, and eye witness the first treatment case take place in the same hospital in 2022. Experia was the main liaison and supervisor for all stages of the donation, from initial contact with Elekta and to the device installation in the hospital.

The delegation also visited the section in which the linear accelerators are located at the King Hussein Cancer Center, with Dr. Asem Mansour, to explain how these devices are used properly for their intended use.

The success of the event is attributed to the combined cooperation between the Swedish Embassy, ​​the Office of Her Royal Highness Princess Ghida (Hussein Cancer Foundation), Experia and Elekta.